Hello everyone! My name is Derek Michael Weatherton and I'm a recent graphic design major from NOVA Community College, having graduated in December 2017.

I was born in Charles Town, WV and raised in Ashburn, VA, where I spent the majority of my life. Art has always been a huge part of my life ever since I started out with coloring books and drawing doodles in my notebook as a kid. Besides it being something fun, it also provided me with an outlet to express myself creatively.

Prior to completing my graphic design degree, I've worked in the mortgage industry for eight and a half years until I realized I wanted to do something more fulfilling.

I hope you enjoy my amazing portfolio and all the wonderful pieces I've beautifully brought to life. With DmwDesigns, I specialize in crafting intricate, yet provocative work that's both thought provoking on the mind and visually engaging on the eyes.

Check out my resume below.

Thank you!