Other class projects, which I had to take several images and mesh them together as sort of a collage.

The first one is very much music-related; therefore, I combined images of a recording studio, an old vinyl, the guy playing the cello, and the wavelengths to add emphasis on the music coming from the guy's cello playing.

The second one is quite patriotic, which I used a lyric from the song "Glory" (performed by John Legend and Common) to emphasize the song's spiritual content through the soldiers, the American flag, and the hand holding up the peace sign.

The third one focuses on a big topic of today, which is diversity. I took the image of the people holding hands and boxed it around the word "diversity". Within the word, I "masked clipped" in Photoshop images of two boys, a detailed quilt with children holding hands, and two other images of cartoon-like people holding hands. Overall, the composition offers a clear emphasis on the word's meaning.